Beegan: vegans who eat honey

Dietary vegan: people who do not eat animal products, but who will wear leather, wool or silk.

Flexitarian (a.k.a. semi-vegetarian): those who eat a mostly vegetarian diet, but occasionally eat meat

Fruitarian: those who believe it is wrong to kill plants for food, so they eat foods that can be harvested without killing or harming plants, like fruits and nuts.

Gleegan: vegans who eat gluten-free

Locavore: those who are interested in eating food that is locally produced

Ovo-lacto vegetarian (a.k.a. vegetarian): does not eat animal flesh of any kind, but eats dairy and eggs.

Pescetarian: typically eat seafood, dairy and eggs, but no other meat.

Raw vegan: excludes all food and products of animal origin as well as food cooked at a temperature above 115 degree Fahrenheit

Vegan: avoids animal products more or less completely, particularly in diet, and also follows a philosophy of nonviolence towards animals

Veganic: those who eat vegan and organic

Veggan: vegans who eat eggs from their own chickens

Water footprint: the water footprint of a product is the total volume of freshwater used to produce the product, summed over the various steps of the production chain


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