Vegan Nutella

I did it. I made vegan nutella. It tastes a bit more nutty than the real thing, but hey at least it’s healthier!  “Healthy” as in the way that oatmeal raisin cookies are healthier than chocolate chip. No one wins over chocolate chip. Unfortunately I don’t have a hipster picture of my nutella in a jar, so instead I made the recipe fancy (design inspired by this one):

vegan nutella


1) Roast the hazelnuts at 350 degrees for 10 minutes

2) Peel the skin off the hazelnuts once they’re cool. It falls off pretty easy. My friend and I talked about our super interesting lives as we peeled them. It’ll make you feel like a 1950’s house wife.

3) Put the nuts in a food processor and process until it forms a thick paste

4)  Place all other ingredients in the food processor and blend until it’s creamy goodness.

5) TASTE TEST. Add ingredients as needed (because we don’t all Nutella the same, friends).

Spread it on a everything you can think of. Personally I got it all over my watch… but my favorite thing to put it on is a blueberry bagel or one of those Cat Cookies from Trader Joes 🙂 So good.


Vegan Starbucks Study Drinks

Tis the season to study your face off. I secretly think that Fall activities in the northeast are just another form of procrastination for college students. How on earth can I write a 10-page paper when there are leaves to play in and instagrams to take?? We’re drinking more caffeine than apple cider at this time of year. At a city university with more than three Starbucks on campus this begs the question: what Starbucks drinks are vegan?

I’ve aggregated suggestions both from already existing lists and from some of my vegan friends, one who was a Starbucks barista himself. Feel free to comment if anything’s changed or is inaccurate!

For all drinks soy milk is your best friend.

The basic drinks are vegan (e.g. hot or iced tea; hot or iced coffee with soy milk) and any flavored syrup like vanilla, hazelnut, or caramel.

The only syrups that contain dairy ingredients are White Chocolate Mocha, Pumpkin Spice, Caramel Brûlée (Surprise: Mocha sauce is vegan!)

Caramel drizzle is not vegan (Caramel macchiato and caramel frapp)
Chocolate shavings on peppermint mochas & the caramel brûlée toppings have labels that read, “processed on machines that share dairy ingredients” so you can decide for yourself how you feel about it.

Ask for soy milk. Avoid whipped cream, java chips, protein powder (in smoothies), caramel drizzle. Avoid all drinks with pumpkin spice, white mocha, caramel brûlée, and any light frapp.

List of drinks:
Filter coffee
Café Misto with soy
Espresso Macchiato with Soy
Café Americano black or with soy
Soy lattes
Soy hazelnut frapp
Hot chocolate with soy
Soy cappuccinos


Veggie Shoes

My dad once told me if there’s anything worth spending money on it’s shoes. That didn’t really mean much when I lived in Florida and wore the same pair of sandals every day, but now that I’ve trudged through the snow 3 winters in a row I think I’ve caught on. It’s worth it to fork over a little more for quality.

That being said, it’s harder to find shoes that align with your ethical values than you might think. With food you can go to a store, check out the ingredients, and cook a meal in your home without buying speciality tools. Not all of us can (or should) make shoes from scratch.

Happily, there are a few brands who understand the demand for cruelty-free footwear.

Novacas: Novacas, named for it’s play on “no cow” in spanish, sells most of it’s shoes through vendors around the U.S. It doesn’t have an online store, but you can check out its stocklist to find other online stores that carry them.

MooShoes: An online shoe store that’s animal-friendly, easy to browse, and has a great return policy if your shoes don’t fit.

Aldo – you have to double-check to make sure the shoes you want are vegan, but this brand surprisingly offers  a lot of non-leather shoes.

Sudo Shoes: This exclusively vegan shoe store has a location in Porter Square in Cambridge (a huge win for Bostonians!). My friend, Miles, got his Vegetarian Shoes boots there and he absolutely loves them

Vegetarian Shoes: Has pretty much any type of shoe you could want. (Below: Miles’ artsy instagram of his Vegetarian Shoes boots)