Veggie Shoes

My dad once told me if there’s anything worth spending money on it’s shoes. That didn’t really mean much when I lived in Florida and wore the same pair of sandals every day, but now that I’ve trudged through the snow 3 winters in a row I think I’ve caught on. It’s worth it to fork over a little more for quality.

That being said, it’s harder to find shoes that align with your ethical values than you might think. With food you can go to a store, check out the ingredients, and cook a meal in your home without buying speciality tools. Not all of us can (or should) make shoes from scratch.

Happily, there are a few brands who understand the demand for cruelty-free footwear.

Novacas: Novacas, named for it’s play on “no cow” in spanish, sells most of it’s shoes through vendors around the U.S. It doesn’t have an online store, but you can check out its stocklist to find other online stores that carry them.

MooShoes: An online shoe store that’s animal-friendly, easy to browse, and has a great return policy if your shoes don’t fit.

Aldo – you have to double-check to make sure the shoes you want are vegan, but this brand surprisingly offers  a lot of non-leather shoes.

Sudo Shoes: This exclusively vegan shoe store has a location in Porter Square in Cambridge (a huge win for Bostonians!). My friend, Miles, got his Vegetarian Shoes boots there and he absolutely loves them

Vegetarian Shoes: Has pretty much any type of shoe you could want. (Below: Miles’ artsy instagram of his Vegetarian Shoes boots)


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