Munch Mondays: FoMu

The word “FoMu” sparks a warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of my stomach. Why? Because it’s the goddess of dairy-free, all natural ice cream. Gone are the days of awkwardly asking “is this flavor vegan?”; You can literally stuff your face with Salted Caramel,  Cherry Amaretto,  Pumpkin Spice, and other flavors til your heart’s content! I recently had a mix of Pistachio & Cookies n’ Cream… delicious. FoMu also offers various smoothies, frappes, and baked goods — all vegan. Check out its menu if you don’t believe me.

FoMu’s base location is in Allston, but it just opened another in Jamaica Plain, home of all that is magical. The atmosphere is open and welcoming, showcasing work from local artists on the walls. (Did I mention the products are local too?) The staff is very friendly and polite. On my last visit I realized that one of the baristas is also in my Sociology of the Mind class so perhaps I’ll kindle a budding friendship over our love of local, cruelty-free sweets. So far the only fault I’ve discovered is the lack of a larger seating area. There are a good many high stools, but only 2-3 tables. How am I supposed to soak in the glory of my ice cream if I’m forced to walk the streets of deep Allston?

For those who don’t have much time to spare for adventures into Allston or JP, pints of FoMu ice cream are available in a variety of flavors. Stock up — you’ll never know when you need an emergency ice cream binge.


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